Singing Vivaldi with the angels.


The concert presented baroque music, expressing the Christmas spirit by M. A. Charpentier, A. Vivaldi, D. Buxtehude, Η.Ι. v. Biber.  The two extraordinary Magnificat, by Μarc-Antoine Charpentier and Antonio Vivaldi were performed by the authentic retro musicians group Ensemble 1619, the Kodaly Choir and soloists under the direction of Gerasimos Choidas, mastered by Michalis Patseas, at the Agglican Church near Syntagma Athens.

We gathered at the Agglican Church on the 15th of December, just a few days before Christmas, the church was filled with friends and family, the atmosphere was pure christmas bliss. The Choir sang parts of the A. Vivaldi, Magnificat and D. Buxtehude, Jesus Meine Liebens Lieben.

As we walked up in my black long dress, I felt my spirits lifting, as I uttered silently the Hymn of Virgin Mary “Megalini i psichi mou ton Kyrion”.  The maestro placed me in the middle and in a charmingly and pleased voice announced that I would be the heart of the choir, placed just at the centre.

We made music that night that encrypted the love in our hearts, we found enough love and gave it away in sounds, fullfilling prayers and uttering angelic words. The Kodaly Choir was fully united next to the pictures of Jesus and Virgin Mary.

Amongst all I met the lovely Nikos Spanatis, the countertenor with a superb personality.

I remember leaving the stage in full swing with a smile in my heart.


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