Singing for a good cause at EEA Margarita

Singing for a good cause at  EEA Margarita

It was one fine Monday that I saw an announcement by SASM the Moraitis School graduates that they would sing at EEA Margarita, a special workshop for those people with learning difficulties.  It was all i had wished for, as my intention was to help, was to aid those in need.  For me it was not about showing off but the notion of giving, with love.  I participated at this concert amongst people who had a different perception, who heard my voice with different ears and different tempos in their heads, but the love was there.  In the end we all sychronised under the summer night sky at Penteli.  That night we all joined in a party of madmen, a party full of joy and love. Will never forget the voices, the cheers, the dance, the music. Thank you SASM, thank you EEA Margarita.


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