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It takes a sunny day to ride the whizz way

25 Jan, 2018

Haris Tsagkaratos introduced me to an unusual scooter, a new innovative endeavour, a personal project that he aspires to, only I had no idea that its motion would be electrical.  He showed me the mechanics, an on and off button, speed handle, break and a little slap on the floor with the foot, the usual first move when you want to ride a scooter.  A solid aluminium base with the extras needed of a usual motor scooter, red lights, flash lights, breaks, only the scooter is instantly foldable.  On a sunny day of a Friday we arrived at a favourite place, with the intention to record the impressions of a Whizz scooter ride, the feelings and the fun.  The motion lifts the spitirs, the easiness humbles the stresses, the speed just made me want to fly and take off.  Amazing new electric scooters can make anyones short distances to work, or shop or just walk a fun, fast and low cost ecological ride. Voila! Enjoy a video of the ride.