A Wolford style to remember.

A Wolford style to remember.

A day and night at Ecali Club, is one to remember. Entering its heavy private door way,  felt like I sneaked into a mystical world, familiar, yet very eclectic.  All the details felt like a “larger than life” home made exclusively for those seeking quality, peace and exclusive interactions, forming a “faraway seen” exclusive Ecali Club crowd.

As a dedicated fashion communications expert assigned by Wolford AG we organised, a stylish, yet mystical catwalk of the Wolford new Winters FW2016/17 collection.

The models wore combinations of Wolford outfits: A Tulle Lace from head to toe, A Velour Pullover with skirt and dressed with the Cilou fashion tights, Little Black Bailey dress for effortless sophistications, amongst others, created strong impressions amongst the exclusive crowd.

Ecali Club was a brights moment of time that flashed in front of me a series of lovely childhood memories. Wolford catwalk girls, bright people, home made caviar and rose champagne, all type of lights, colourful outfits, social mingling with a full range set of expressions, from laughter to nods, occasional grins and cheers.

All happy faces and beautiful women fantasising on a Wolford style to remember.